Professional Mentoring, Counseling & Supervision via E-Mail

      Take advantage of this opportunity to create a relationship with Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Professional Intuitive, Lynda Hilburn, M.A., L.P.C., C.C.H. Here is your chance to ask your questions about clients, strategies, techniques, professional growth, ethics, private practice, issues about when to refer, personal growth and more, in a quick and inexpensive way: E-mail Correspondence!

      How does it work? Just send your questions to Lynda via e-mail, along with payment in advance by personal check, money order or your Master Card/Visa number (which can also be sent via fax, or left on my private voice mail, for additional security), and Lynda will review your concerns and send you a thoughtful, complete response -- combining professional, psychological and intuitive guidance -- within 3 days.

      The fee for each e-mail correspondence is $30. Why so inexpensive? Because e-mail consultations do not require the level of overhead (office rent, advertising, utilities, etc.) as does Lynda's private practice, and she is able to sit down and concentrate on each person's issues during times of the day when she doesn't have in-person clients. Therefore, she is pleased to offer this service in this economical way.

      Creating a supervisory/guidance relationship with Lynda is a wonderful addition to your in-person supervision in your own geographical area, and it provides you with a different viewpoint, which will enhance your growth as a professional.

      Before you and Lynda begin your relationship, please send her an e-mail,, outlining your areas of practice, your educational background, and the general issues and concerns you have. She will write back -- at no charge to you -- and let you know if the two of you are a good professional fit.

      Take advantage of this helpful and healing professional opportunity today. Lynda is looking forward to hearing from you!

Contact Us:
SoulWorks Hypnotherapy Training School
P.O. Box 20443, Boulder, CO 80308

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