What Our Graduates Would Like You To Know:

"SoulWorks really delivered! Having attended another hypnotherapy school, I was mightily impressed with the skill level I attained. Not only did I receive the requisite induction skills that I would expect from any qualified program, I also received invaluable counseling skills. I left SoulWorks with not just skill, but confidence as well!"

R.M., Colonic Therapist, Boulder

"Lynda is a born instructor with an innate ability to combine professionalism, humor and whatever is needed to captivate her students -- encouraging them to expand and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. She is masterful at providing highly technical information while pacing the instruction, practice sessions and discussions to fit the comprehension levels of her students. I highly recommend SoulWorks."

L.J., Entrepreneur, Denver

"After researching several schools offering certification in hypnotherapy, I decided to go with SoulWorks. I was impressed with the rigorous attitude toward the academic aspect in combination with a solid foundation in transpersonal orientation. Lynda's teaching and the training far exceeded my expectations! Lynda offers a very balanced approach with a total commitment to excellence. She is a master at hypnotherapy as well as the transmission of skills to her students. SoulWorks not only provided me with all I needed to become a very qualified and confident hypnotherapist, but also gave me complete direction for establishing hypnotherapy as a new career. SoulWorks continues to be there for you long after you graduate. I am now a part of the SoulWorks family!

J.H., Entrepreneur, Denver

"I graduated from SoulWorks feeling very competent and prepared to practice hypnotherapy for a paying clientele. Lynda brings a rare combination of drive, humor, professional dedication, high teaching ability, emotional support, and a comprehensive set of skills -- in counseling as well as the technology of hypnotherapy -- to her goal of graduating maximally capable, confident practitioners. As far as I'm concerned, her school sets the standard for professionalism in hypnotherapy education on the Front Range."

W.E., Lawyer, Denver

Comments From Volunteer Clients:

"I really enjoyed being a volunteer client. The student I worked with was not only capable and skilled, but she was able to gently guide me inside myself into a place I hadn't been willing to visit before. I still can't believe how much benefit I received from just one session! Sign me up again!

M.B., Nurse, Boulder

"I didn't know what to expect when I volunteered to be a client for SoulWorks' students. I thought that, at best, I would have a relaxing experience. Imagine my surprise when I found myself experiencing emotions and feelings that are usually safely tucked away, and, even more amazing, feeling that I could trust the student to help me explore them! I didn't understand the healing power of hypnotherapy before, but I do now!"

J.A., Broker, Louisville

"I have known Lynda for a long time as a Psychotherapist and a Professional Intuitive, and I fully expected that her hypnotherapy school would be excellent -- and it is! As a hypnotherapist myself, I can recognize that Lynda's students have received the best training possible, and even more important, they have learned to be fully present with their clients, which is a skill not taught in most schools. If you are looking for the best school to attend, choose SoulWorks!"

R.N., Hypnotherapist, Boulder

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